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Organic fertilizers

The organic fertilizers bring a whole of fertilizing elements adapted to the crops' needs and capacities for absorption.

Two main categories of Angibaud & Spécialités organic fertilizers:

- Organic fertilizers bio-activated with Angibaud's Fish Guano, which combine the power of vegetal organic matters, precursor of Humus, and Angibaud's Fish Guano, a unique and unequalled biological activator of the soil.
- Organic fertilizers made with vegetal and animal organic matters, with high agronomical values.

ProductsRangesProduct details
Angibio 4-6-10 + 2 MgOOrganic fertilizersProduct details
Angibio 6-4-10 + 2 MgOOrganic fertilizersProduct details
Excell Orga 4-2-6Organic fertilizersProduct details
Biopower Universal 4-2-9 + 4 MgO LandscapingOrganic fertilizersProduct details
Biopower Pro 7-5-7 LandscapingOrganic fertilizersProduct details
Biopower Green 10-4-7 + 3 MgO LandscapingOrganic fertilizersProduct details